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Redomiciliations or Transfer Of Domicile

Adil Zone (ADZ)

Redomiciliations or Transfer of Domicile

We facilitate in Re-domiciliation or transfer of domicile of an enterprise’s domicile from one jurisdiction to another for leveraging enterprises to take advantage of the more favourable tax laws at their new location and benefit from improved access to specialist financial and capital markets. UAE is an internationally white-listed jurisdiction that offers businesses a highly professional, growth-oriented environment that’s supported by world-class infrastructure, business-friendly policies, stable banking facilities, and AML/CFT countermeasures.

  • Companies can maintain their existing legal status
  • Companies can preserve operational and banking history
  • Access to common law courts
  • Move from a jurisdiction in case of any changes in the rules and regulations in the country

ADZ’s expert team can advise on the transfer process, whether it is into the UAE or transfer out.  Our expertise, along with the legal knowledge, will be advantageous to the client in finalizing the optimal jurisdiction, reviewing the regulatory requirements, and assessing each transaction.

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